Volunteer for Steward Weekend and Receive a Registration Discount

Friends of Camp Little Notch recognizes our campers are our future. We appreciate those campers who work during spring and/or fall steward weekend. You know camp best and your efforts to preserve and maintain the property are valued. Campers who register to attend a spring or fall steward weekend and work the full weekend to receive a $50 discount towards your summer camp session. A maximum of $100 may be applied per summer sessions in a given year.


  1. Register to attend a fall and/or spring steward weekend.
  2. Show up! Be a steward for the weekend and help with whatever work is on the list. (We'll ask you about it later.)
  3. Complete the form below when you register for summer camp, and up to $100 discount per year will be credited to your outstanding balance. (Max. 2 steward weekend discounts per camp season.)
  4. Steward weekend credits are not retroactive. Credits for participating in both Fall and Spring Steward Weekends will apply to the subsequent summer season. $50 credit per weekend worked for maximum of $100 credit

Camper Steward Discount Request Form

Camper/Steward Name *
Camper/Steward Name
Summer Session(s) You Are Registered for *
Check which 2018 session or sessions you are registered for.
Phone *
SW Attendance *
Check the box below to indicate which Steward Weekends you attended. We'll verify your participation with the property and/or admin folks who worked with you.
Tell us about your steward weekend experience. Did you raise the tents, walk the water lines, rake out the swimming area, move beds and mattresses, clean latrines (!) ? It all counts!
Use this space for anything else you would like us to know.