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Refer a friend, get a rebate

Receive a $50 registration rebate when you refer a new camper to CLN!

Register your child, then refer a new* camper to CLN and receive a $50 credit or rebate check for each referral, up to a maximum of three (3) referrals. Credits will be applied to your balance due on your child. Rebate checks will be mailed 3-4 weeks after the final summer camp session.

*The referred new camper must be a camper who:

a.    has never attended a summer camp session at Camp Little Notch, and
b.    names you and/or your child as their referral source when they register for camp, and
c.    pays applicable fees by the due date.


1.    Register your child for a CLN summer session.
2.    Refer a new camper to CLN.
3.    When they register for summer camp, ask them to include YOUR name on the registration  form as the referral source.
4.    Complete and submit the online form below. (Max. 3 rebates.)


Camper Referral and Rebate Request Form

To be completed by the parent/guardian of a returning camper, who is referring a new camper to Camp Little Notch.) Please complete and submit the form below to request your rebate(s).

Please enter "Refer-a-friend Rebate" in the subject field.
Your Camper's Name *
Your Camper's Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Please list the campers you have referred to CLN for Summer Camp 2018. (Referral rebate applies for up to three referrals.)
Feel free to add any other information you would like us to have.