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It is simple to join or renew your membership! Click here to log in or create a new account. Complete the required fields and select the membership option that best suits you (annual or lifetime with the applicable payment schedule). Then select and complete the payment method. Be sure to check “Make this payment a recurring payment” if you have selected a lifetime membership with a payment option (see details below), then complete the rest of the payment process.

You can check your membership status right here on our website (see below). People who choose to become lifetime members by way of one of our payment plans (see details below) will be listed as an annual member after the initial payment is made. Once the lifetime membership is paid in full, the member's name will be moved to the lifetime members' list. If you think your name should be listed on either list and it is not, or if you have any questions, please email Annual memberships expire on December 31st of the current year. Annual membership payments received during October, November, or December will carry over through the following year.

We have separate processes for donations and memberships in order to keep accurate records and make sure the funds we receive are directed per our donors' wishes. We do not assume you want to be a member just because you made a donation to Friends of CLN.

Our online membership process offers many benefits including:

  • Individual user accounts -- you will have full access and control over your own account including updating user information, changing donation amounts, updating/changing credit card information, etc.

  • You will receive notification when your credit card account is about to expire and when your payment has gone through.

  • Clear distinction between donations and memberships.

  • Options like scheduling payments, covering the cost of credit card fees, making tribute donations, etc.

Membership Types and Fees


Annual membership is good for the calendar year(January 1st - December 31st)  and is paid in a single payment.  

Membership Levels:
•    $25 Student
•    $75 Individual
•    $130 Couple
•    $150 Family of four; $15 for each additional family member after the first four
•    $1,250 Lifetime Membership

LIFETIME (Individual only)

  • $1250 per person paid in a single lump sum OR paid with the following consecutive monthly installments:

    • Two (2) consecutive monthly payments of $625*

    • Four (4) consecutive monthly payments of $312.50*

    • Five (5) consecutive monthly payments of $250*

    • Ten (10) consecutive monthly payments of $125*

    • Twenty-five (25) consecutive monthly payments of $50

*Recurring payments must be setup online during the payment process. Those wishing to make payments toward a Lifetime Membership will be listed as an Annual Member after the first payment is made. Lifetime Memberships go into effect AFTER the $1250 is paid in full.
If you prefer to pay by check, you can pay according to the same payment schedule for Lifetime Membership. Please send your check (with a note to inform us of your payment plan, to be completed in consecutive months) to Friends of CLN, 110 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  
Current Friends of CLN members may cast one vote each at the annual meeting each year, as long as your membership is paid at least 21 days prior to the annual meeting date each year. Friends of CLN members are always welcome to stop in and visit Camp Little Notch. Please email to coordinate your visit with the camp director prior to your arrival.


  • Student member stickers

  • Member pricing on all events

  • One free weekend of open camping each year

  • Car window cling decal

Member benefits will apply to all memberships enrolled in the 2018 membership year and beyond, including annual memberships purchased in December 2017. Individuals who became lifetime members prior to January 2018 are designated as Charter Members, and receive the same member benefits as new lifetime members.

In addition to the benefits you receive by becoming a member, your membership fee contributes to our ongoing efforts to maintain, sustain, preserve and promote Camp Little Notch. Thank you for being a Friend of Camp Little Notch.

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Current Members

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Annual Members

(as of 7/9/18)

  1. Lisa Altman
  2. Andrea Bachinski
  3. Amanda Berryann
  4. Dan Berryann
  5. Everett Brown
  6. Kathy Castracane
  7. Diane Cleveland
  8. Phil Dixon
  9. Janice Coffin
  10. Casey Crabill
  11. Julia Farrar
  12. Erin Feldman
  13. Melissa Fredericks
  14. Elizabeth Fuller
  15. James Fuller
  16. Sara Fuller
  17. Benjamin Gleeksman
  18. Sue Goss
  19. Catalina Hart
  20. Val Healy
  21. Judith Hukey
  22. Cynthia Johnson
  23. Geri Knortz
  24. Adella Lamb
  25. Amey Mafucci
  26. Katherine Mooradian
  27. Barbara Neznek
  28. Megan Osika
  29. Anne Peters
  30. Tyler Phillips
  31. Jennifer Pruden
  32. Mary Reid
  33. Laura Reid
  34. Joanne Reynolds
  35. Esther Riddering
  36. Abigail Schwartz
  37. Barbara Simms
  38. Gretchen Soule
  39. Tracy Spadaro
  40. Pamela Stefanelli
  41. Monica Tarantino
  42. Beth Wolcott
  43. Tyler Wolcott

Charter Members

(as of 7/9/18)

  1. Theresa Flynn Abromovitz
  2. Gene Altman
  3. Suzanne Barr
  4. Leonard Behr
  5. Casey Bigelow
  6. Cindy Bingham
  7. Sydney Boles
  8. Barbara Brown
  9. Bruce Brynolfson
  10. Crescentia Brynolfson
  11. Beverly Burnett
  12. Susan Canfield
  13. Christa Caruso
  14. Liz Caruso
  15. Kitty Cole
  16. Margot Cole
  17. Rick Conley
  18. Susan Cook
  19. Cailie Currin
  20. John Delehanty
  21. Becky Dixon
  22. Emma Dixon
  23. Jen Dodge
  24. Emma Dundon
  25. Barbara Eames
  26. Lisa Engelhardt
  27. Judy Farnan-Farago
  28. Lindsay Farrar
  29. Kathy Fleischer
  30. Susan Fuss
  31. Rachel Gardner
  32. Kari Gathen
  33. Maureen Geiser
  34. Sarah Gevlin
  35. Betsy Gibbs
  36. Francis Gilroy
  37. Leslie Gohlke
  38. Karyn Graham
  39. Jill Griffin
  40. Mary Hall
  41. Laurice Haney
  42. Beth Hayes
  43. Jean Hayes
  44. Laura Hayes
  45. Walt Hayes
  46. John Hopkins
  47. Julie Horwitz
  48. Anne Jackson
  49. Margaret Jones
  50. Jessie Justin
  51. Kelly Krein-Hart
  52. Laurie Lapan
  53. Judith Lashof
  54. Tess Lecuyer
  55. Mary Lifshin
  56. Jo Lum
  57. Susan Lum-Creitz
  58. Beth Mann
  59. Lisa Mastrangelo
  60. Eileen McCashion
  61. Julia McPeek
  62. Judy Miller
  63. Peter Mittendorff
  64. Karen Savoie Murray
  65. Margaret Oathout
  66. Ruth Olmsted
  67. Carolyn Peterson-Vaccaro
  68. Noah Pollock
  69. Danielle Regan
  70. Nan Reid
  71. JP Reinmuth
  72. Nancy Richardson
  73. Michelle Riendeau
  74. Brittany Sample
  75. Julie Favreau Schwartz
  76. Willa Segar-Reid
  77. Gail Shapiro
  78. Sally Sheldon
  79. Toby Slyman
  80. Jill Smith
  81. Ian Smith-Franks
  82. Lydia Smith-Franks
  83. Susan Smith-Franks
  84. Elizabeth Stone
  85. Tricia Stott
  86. Christy Stout
  87. Elizabeth Strickler
  88. John Sullivan
  89. Ellen Tuzzolo
  90. Pat Tuzzolo
  91. Barbara Vahey
  92. Chris Van Veghten
  93. Ellen Wayer
  94. Julie Welch-Dye
  95. Janet Witte
  96. Michelle Wood
  97. Paul Zachos

Corporate (Small Business): Currin Compliance Services, Inc.

Lifetime Members

(as of 7/9/18)

  1. Jennifer Lescovich
  2. Amy Blom