There is plenty of work to be done, and there are jobs and tasks available for every skill set, age, and level of experience. If you love Camp Little Notch and want to help, consider joining one of our committees and participating in the work of the organization.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. They are responsible for personnel and board communications including employee management in the absence of an Executive Director.

The following committees are chaired by someone from the board of directors:

  • Program

  • Fundraising

  • Recruitment

  • PR/Policy/Tech

  • Finance

These committees may be chaired by a board member or a member of Friends of CLN:

  • Property

Committee Descriptions

Program Committee

Chairs: Emma Dundon and Emma Dixon

The Program Committee plans and oversees all areas of programming, both for CLN summer camp programs and for CLN events, such as Women’s Weekend.

Fundraising Committee

Chairs: Becky Dixon and Patricia Stott

The Fundraising Committee leads the organization’s fundraising efforts by coordinating grant writing efforts, leading fundraising events, and soliciting other donations.

Recruitment Committee

Chairs: Katie Mooradian and Jennifer Lescovich

The Recruitment Committee leads the effort in recruiting summer residential camp camper and staff recruitment, as well as rental group recruitment.

PR/Policy/Tech Committee

Chairs: Julie Schwartz, Mary Teeter, and Val Healy

The PR/Policy/Tech Committee works in those three areas. The PR sub-committee oversees all graphic design and media materials, including the Blue Heron and social media, as well as the website. The Policy sub-committee designs policies for the organization. The Tech committee provides technical support.

Finance Committee

Chairs: Dan Berryann

The finance committee provides accounting and financial reporting, as well as an audit of FoCLN financial statements.

Property Committee

Chairs: currently vacant

The Property Committee oversees short and long term property management and use planning. It also plans and runs the bi-yearly Stewardship Weekends.


Other ways to support CLN through volunteering:

  • Join the Property Stewards at a Spring or Fall Stewardship Weekend

  • Volunteer at one of our sponsored events

    • Serve as a certified lifeguard or ropes course facilitator

    • Work in the kitchen

    • Lead a workshop, hike, sing-along, or other program activity

    • Help with registration and hospitality

  • Spend time at camp during the summer program as an official Wood Faerie.

  • Represent Camp Little Notch at local camp and recruitment fairs and seasonal fundraisers

Interested in volunteering?

Questions or need more info? Please email