There is plenty of work to be done, and there are jobs and tasks available for every skill set, age, and level of experience. If you love Camp Little Notch and want to help, consider joining one of our committees and participating in the work of the organization.

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. They are responsible for personnel and board communications including employee management in the absence of an Executive Director.

The following committees are chaired by someone from the board of directors:

  • Finance

  • Fundraising

  • Governance and Nominating

  • Audit

These committees may be chaired by a board member or a member of Friends of CLN:

  • Property

  • Membership & Outreach



Chair: Susan Smith-Franks

The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring the financial stability and long-term fiscal planning for Friends of Camp Little Notch.

Primary Goals:

  • Organization of records and funds creating clear internal controls, a reasonable plan for bill payment and a clarity to QuickBooks so that it makes sense to anyone who looks at it.

  • Create a month-to-month budget with detailed line items. Control expenses by reviewing records to see which expenses can be eliminated or reduced.

  • Streamline a process for storing and managing extensive donor information in the most comprehensive and accessible manner.

  • Create a system for accepting and following up on pledge donations that is easy to follow and fiscally responsible.



The Fundraising Committee is responsible for securing funds to complete the purchase of the Camp Little Notch property, to fund the programming offered at Camp Little Notch, and to support the overall operations of Friends of Camp Little Notch.

Primary Goals:  

  • Create, communicate and execute fundraising plans.

  • Manage grant writing.

  • Execute the campership campaign.

  • Coordinate grassroots fundraising within the membership community by engaging in low or no cost ways to promote CLN.

  • Create sponsored fundraising events such as the CLN Polar Plunge.

  • Clarify the role of every board member in the role of fundraiser.

  • Engage our membership in supporting fundraising for CLN.


Governance and Nominating Committee

Chair: Benj Gleeksman

The Governance Committee is responsible for the board and organizational governance and structuring, as well as the nominating process for new board members.

Primary Goals:

  • Creation or updating of vital organizational documentation (e.g., bylaws, organizational policies).

  • Focus on board development, particularly on egalitarian management, board member commitment and sustainability, and board responsibilities.

  • Establishing a system of quality control.


Audit Committee

Primary Goals:

  • Responsible for insuring Friends of CLN is prepared for an audit. (Meets once per year.)



Chair: Tess Lecuyer

The Property Committee is responsible for ensuring the Camp Little Notch property is opened and closed appropriately, as well as keeping up on maintenance. The Property Committee is tasked with long-term property planning for renovations and improvements.

Primary Goals:

  • Maintenance of the Camp Little Notch property including opening and closing.

  • Oversight of Stewardship Weekends. Each weekend will have a specific task list to be completed and a team of folks running the weekend to ensure camp looks great and is safely maintained.

  • Create a year-long property maintenance check list that outlines different tasks to be completed for upkeep throughout the year, one time and annually. Overall creating paperwork to document what property systems are done and what we’re working toward completing.

  • Fundraise for property-specific projects.


Membership & Outreach

Chair: Tricia Stott

The Membership and Outreach Committee is responsible for working to define membership, track membership records, and to keep our communications open and clear.

Primary Goals:

  • Organize membership lists and have an understanding of who is active and inactive.

  • Promote grassroots fundraising within the membership community by engaging in low or no cost ways to promote CLN.

  • Collaborate with the Fundraising Committee for outreach within the past membership/potential membership.

  • Create the membership newsletter.

  • Maintain clear and effective communication with the membership and public on various topics through a variety of mediums.

  • Host and promote membership reunions and events.

  • Encourage new memberships by running an annual membership drive.


Other ways to support CLN through volunteering:

  • Join the Property Stewards at a Spring or Fall Stewardship Weekend

  • Volunteer at one of our sponsored events

    • Serve a certified lifeguard or ropes course facilitator

    • Work in the kitchen

    • Lead a workshop, hike, sing-along, or other program activity

    • Help with registration and hospitality

  • Spend time at camp during the summer program as an official Wood Faerie.

  • Represent Camp Little Notch at local camp and recruitment fairs and seasonal fundraisers

Interested in volunteering?

Questions or need more info? Please email